Branding: We are not for everyone

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From your brand’s personality to your product, some people will hate you and some will love you. You will have those hanging in the middle, but generally you will have the two sides.

You came up with an idea or you have one established, now you are getting all the hate and love mail. Your product or service isn’t for everyone. Just like certain celebrities might not gear towards everyone, you have a following and they love you.

With social media, you focus on the followers that love your product or idea and you will have more of the inbetweeners that might follow suit.  Keeping your ears and eyes open on the things that people love about you, will help you keep what they love and improve on those aspects. If you can include any of the people sitting on the fence or the ones that might not like it at all, then why not, but keeping your strong group of followers is the most important part.

Hearing the phrase “We are not for everyone” makes sense. You might judge people who use that phrase with their business, but when you think about it, it makes sense. A luxury retailer gears towards a specific clientele, but it doesn’t mean that people outside of their target range won’t buy their product. We all have personalities and we usually connect with brands that fit our personalities, but even personalities aren’t one-sided. I might not spend a lot on retail, but I like to splurge on holidays. The luxury holiday market really suits me, even though the retail might now.

So,  just like people, brands are the same way. They might not be a cookie-cutter imitation of a person’s personality, but nonetheless, we connect with others that have one thing in common with us, not all things in common.

The main thing a brand can do is keep on attracting the people that they do using their brand personality, with a hint of open-mindedness to other people. You won’t change for everyone, but you will include others in your group. Loyal customers are your important customers. One store owner said to me “We haven’t had a drop in sales, nor have we had a rise in sales. We have our loyal customers and they keep coming back to us”. A business can rely on their loyal customers and anything else that comes their way, they can take it as a bonus. Brands just like people will evolve and change a bit, but keeping their loyal customers in mind, they shouldn’t push them away.

Where you have a loyal customer following, your next step is to gain a larger group of that loyal following, if it isn’t already growing through word-of-mouth. That is where experienced branding professionals and social media consultants come into play. By doing the old John meet Sally and Sally meet John, but a lot more work involved, they can bring more of those customers that might fit your brands personality, even if they might like luxury travel, but not luxury retail clothing. After all, we are not for everyone!


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