Social media, after international expansion

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So what happens after you expand internationally. You went after a designated language group, culture or country and now you need to work further on your already established international expansion. Here are a few more things that you can do.

Provide multilingual customer service: Once you are selling products or services, your customers need their customer support and depending on where you expanded, it most likely won’t be in your own language. Customer service and supporting your customers is a very important part of it. It shows that you care about your customers and that you are ready to provide first-class service. If there are any problems with your products or services, this allows your customer to voice their problem or opinions in regards to your product. Having a source for that will allow you and your customers resolve any problems that might arise, immediately. This can be done with Twitter and monitored throughout the day. Real-time problems with a real-time social media network, you save yourself money from hiring a full-time customer service representative and they save money from making international calls to resolve a problem with an order or a question in regards to your service.

Do some market research: Performing marketing research on your client base in your newly acquired market will make it possible to see how the market has accepted your service or your products. Market research isn’t just to find out what the client base thought or thinks of your products, but also a way of making changes for improvement. When performing market research, make sure that you have collected a list of customers that you can contact to ask them about their experience of using your product or service. It is vital that you have questions already setup and making them easy enough to answer without complications for the customer. Looking at it from your side, you have to make sure that these answers can be clear to you and can be placed on a database with other answers. To implement that, you can use answers that can be traced on a number scale, so if you ask them a question on how satisfied they were, you can include 1 for “not at all satisfied” or 5 for completely satisfied. Keeping your answers along the lines of this number, you can create graphs, charts and shape the data into a medium that everyone can view on a large scale or on a per interviewee scale. These polls can be done over the phone, which helps you get an immediate answer and you will have more surveys answered. If you want the same effect online, make sure that there is some positives for your current customer, other than the promise that you will use the information to improve your product. Prizes and quick polls on Facebook can help with this. For more on market research, please visit this blog and we will have some great resources for you to use, including where and how you can create online surveys, as well as great offline telephone surveys.

Now that you have done all the steps, you can choose if you want to further expand into your new market or not. The recent data that you acquired and your experience with the new market, your decision might not be so tough. Nonetheless, congratulations on expanding and venturing out for the success of your business.

If you have missed the other steps to international expansion and you are looking to create more profit, please refer to the previous article.

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