Professional social media help on a budget

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Finding affordable ways to get help from a social media professional can be difficult depending on what your idea of affordable is or what your budget is. The good thing with social media is that there are some tasks that can be broken up and you can definitely find some affordable help.

1)      Save the social media professional time and you will lower your costs

If a social media professional needs less time to work on your social media, that will certainly lower the costs. There are some things that you yourself can do that will allow your social media professional to free up their time and in turn will charge you less.  Remember that this won’t only lower the cost, but also create efficiency in the whole system. Ask your social media professional what they will do for your social media accounts and see if you can do some of it yourself. Let’s say that they will be searching for people to connect with. Why not follow those people yourself and let them interact with them online or vice versa. This will bring you one step closer to affordable social media help.

2)      Set yourself up on the accounts and let them do the rest

If you set yourself up online, create your own account and maybe you have a knack for photoshop, then create your own Twitter background. Sign up for the accounts yourself, create your own Facebook page, put in the information and once your social media hired help likes your page, you can make them the admin. This way everything will be set up and with a few of their tweaks they can get started on it immediately.

3)      You know what to write, you just don’t know how to  write it

Sending out Tweets or Facebook posts, you could be making a few mistakes when you send them out to the public. Although you know what you want to post or what you want to Tweet. No problem! Send a few small sentences or a paragraph that your social media professional can check over and simply summarize or fit it into what needs to be posted or tweeted. This will safe them the time that they need to figure it out themselves and it will look professional as well.

4)      You don’t know how to use social media, but you learn fast

You might not be the best at social media, but you can learn things quickly. Get them to help you out and spend time explaining things to you. If you are both far apart from each other and they need to show you something online, not a problem there are great programs for that. You can use Google for your video and if you need them to temporarily take control of your computer and actually show you what to do, then that isn’t a problem at all. That is why you have teamviewer. These small applications and social networking platforms can reduce the need for you to actually meet in person.

5)      You know how to manage your own social media, but you need research

The idea behind this is that, you know how to manage your social media, but you need the analytics part done, maybe some online market research. Manage your own social media and have them do the research. They can go online analyse everything for you, research new potential clients, see what is missing in your own social media, find out what your competitors are doing and finally give you a proper report on how you can become more competitive online and offline with your product or service.

With all these possibilities of what you can do with your social media manager, you can finally be able to find some affordable social media help. This won’t break your budget because you can alter it to fit your budget and still get professional help. Find some great consultants, maybe some of them who are knowledgeable and experienced, but are freelancing. Some older agencies may cost more, but do a bit of price shopping to find out what they charge and if they would charge you per hour or per project.  See what they come up with and choose what makes you and your wallet feel  at ease.

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