Blogging – Interaction, Connection and SEO

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Most businesses are set up on Facebook, many on Twitter and still quite a few on Pinterest. You might find businesses as well on Google+ and other social media platforms. Usually what businesses tend to forget or avoid is blogging. They avoid it because it takes time as all things do, but blogging just seems of less interest to some.

Speaking to a client, I noticed that they had a Twitter account and a Facebook page, they were really interested in getting started on Twitter and Facebook, but they completely forgot about their blog button that lead to nowhere on their website. The products that they were selling were definitely something of great interest to a lot of people, it was new and innovative, yet no blog. For a situation like this it is great to have a blog because this is  a way of reaching out to your potential customers and introducing them on the many uses and benefits of your product. I obviously suggested that more attention should be spent working on the “blog button to nowhere” and named some benefits. Let’s just take a look at two that everyone knows.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Blogging can help bring the ranking of your site way up. Blog about something useful, something that people will enjoy reading or find helpful. With that said there are a few tips and tricks everyone can use to make sure that their blogs aren’t left in the dark. Writing proper titles, creating links to your products and using keywords will definitely set you apart from others. This takes time, but in the long run, it will be worth it because your blog is a reward that you will slowly reap.

Interaction and Connection

With blogs you can share your stories, let’s say, about the products that you offer and how they are made. You are able to describe a product in detail and with that you might get some great comments. Negative and positive comments are great and you might be able to get some information on your product from. Think of it almost as a survey that you didn’t even have to ask them to do, but a nice “We would love to hear from you” or a “Your comments are always appreciated” might help to lighten the mood and start the comments. Once one person comments, the next person will feel more willing to comment as well. Imagine it like children in a classroom. When the teacher asks “Does anyone have any questions?” you might not get anybody lifting up their hands, but when someone already does lift up their hand, you might even get a few more after that. Those comments are vital to your business because these are your customers. Now you take those comments to improve your products and respond to them in a normal fashion bringing the interaction with your customers way up. It’s great, isn’t it?!

Now this post wasn’t written for tips to blogging, but to make you think about implementing it, if you already haven’t. It is definitely something to give a thought to. There are many tips and tricks you can learn on blogging, so stay tuned to this blog and more information will be coming your way.

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