Incorporating individualism in your social media marketing campaign

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With all the accounts that are present on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media platforms, we see a lot of lookalikes. Most hotel accounts look the same, as do most restaurant and service oriented accounts.

On our personal Facebook and Twitter accounts, we can see that we have different hobbies, listen to different music and enjoy different books. Apart from the previous article of having personality and a voice with social media for businesses, we still need more work on differentiating ourselves. As many entrepreneurs and already well established businesses have differentiated themselves in their services/products and might hint that on their websites, unfortunately, the same isn’t done with their social media accounts.

A few ways a business can differentiate itself:

1)      Eco-Friendly Is your business eco-friendly? Do you save paper? Specifically, are you a green business? This is one aspect of a business many will love, but nobody will hate. Have you ever heard of someone say “I hate that business, they go green. They’re just trying to saving the planet, so I don’t want to work with them”? Probably not and if you did, you probably don’t want to work with someone like that in the first place.

2)      Updates Giving people an insight on what you are currently working on and who you are working with, will let them know that there are people or a person behind that company. It makes even the robotic voice that some might imagine a company being, to a hard working human-like voice.

3)      Charities Everybody loves doing something good. It simply makes us as people get that warm fuzzy feeling to know that we have helped someone else. If you, as a business, are helping others, the people that hire you will feel like they are helping passively, since they are most likely providing you with money that you give a part to charities.

4)      Smallbiz Mentorship Is your clientele small start-up businesses? Maybe somebody from your business is part of a mentorship program that helps entrepreneurs start and develop a business. All the clients that you are working with will understand and remember how it was being in that situation and they will respect you for it. Some of them still might have a mentor. It is important that you show, you are supporting it.

5)      Events Do you support some great events throughout the year? Walk to work, ride a bike to work, whatever it might be, your business is most likely participating in some great events around the year, whether that be helping the environment, raising money or simply for fun, publicizing it online doesn’t hurt and it creates some great connections with clients.

Can you think of a few ways a business can differentiate itself? Share with us in the comments section!

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